Critical Data Studies

introductory course (4/5)

Data training recap

Data collection & privacy

Newslogging Project

You thought you were collecting data about your news sources...

while in reality they were gathering data about you.

Who has been tracking you?

What the news might know about you?

How news can learn about us?

website stats


trackers (e.g. Facebook Pixel)

browser fingerprinting

Check your browser's fingerprint

What your phone knows about how you interact with news?

What the news might know about you?

What one could infer about you from your news data set?

Why a mobile phone has truly been revolutionary?

it's personal

it knows a lot about us

it extends your body

it changes our perception of space

Ubiquitous computing paradox

1. By getting smaller, mobile phone offloads our data to the cloud,

but the cloud is far from being immaterial, which you might expect.

2. Being practically indispensible,

mobile phone has become a perfect spying tool.

Malte Spitz case

In 2009, Spitz went to court to obtain the data that Deutsche Telekom gathered (and kept) about his activity

6 months

35000 records

How easy it is to track the U.S. president

The Great Hack

Freaked out?

See what you can do

Data Detox Kit

Close reading

Postscript on the Societies of Control

by Gilles Deleuze

Data training

From data acquistion to visualisation – data workflow in practice

data workflow

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