→ An introductory data wrangling and visualisation course for PhD students from a non-technical background.

Learning the basics of data opens up enormous possibilities: from automatic data acquisition to easy publication of charts and online maps. Unlike many other courses focusing on selected elements, such as analysis or visualisation, Data 101 offers a holistic approach to working with data, including:

  • clever ways to acquire, clean and transform data (e.g. scraping, merging, transposing, geocoding)
  • different types of data, e.g. tabular, textual, spatial
  • powerful and easy to use tools for data processing and visualisation (OpenRefine, DataWrapper)
  • useful file formats for data storage (CSV, JSON, GeoJSON)

Participation in the Data 101 course not only opens access to the data scientist’s toolkit but above all brings the confidence to continue working with data individually. The course is designed for beginners or those who already have some experience but would like to discover new tools and methods of dealing with data.

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